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We’ve been perfecting our process for nearly half a century — and we stake our reputation as Atlanta luxury home builders on it. Building custom luxury estates requires exceptional attention to detail, comprehensive preparation, and extraordinary dedication.

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Full-time Supervision

While other contractors may only spend a few hours a week at your site, one of our guiding principles at the Dernehl Company is that we insist on doing daily inspections of the work of the subcontractors throughout the construction process. Nothing is more important than making sure you get what you want, and that is why we have a full-time superintendent assigned to every project, with two supervisors for large estates and mega homes. We ensure that the work is done exactly according to the specifications outlined at the beginning of the project for your custom luxury home in Atlanta.

Daily project logs

Record keeping is a top priority. We keep daily project logs of all work and deliveries that occur on a given project, with digital copies kept organized to further support the rapid completion of complex jobs.

We keep you informed

It is typical for us to have weekly meetings with our clients, usually involving one or more of the Architects, Designers, or Engineers.

Custom Home Framing Almost Complete

Full Accountability

Conventional wisdom insists that designs can never be executed according to plan, and that clients can’t get what they want. We disagree. We work with subcontractors to require as much detail as possible up front, with signed contracts to ensure they are held accountable for their work. They don’t receive payment until their work is completed to the proper standards. When adjustments arise, we keep you informed and ensure that the resolution of any issues are acceptable to our clients.

Transparent Billing

Our billing process is fully transparent. With receipts presented for every transaction, large and small, all costs are separated into their respective categories at every billing. This allows you to see where your money is being spent and monitor any areas which are under or over budget. What’s more, all client funds are managed in fully segregated accounts with a dedicated account specially established for your project.

A Better Work Site

The cleanliness of the work site is something we hold in high regard at Atlanta's top home building company, the Dernehl Company, because we believe this keeps production high and minimizes waste — and it also goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the project.

An Owner’s Manual For Your Home

All clients receive a full selection book upon completion of their project, which covers all finish materials, appliances, paint colors, and exterior materials used on the home. We will also work with your house manager to be sure they fully understand the scope and subtleties of your new home and all its components. Give us a call today to get your project started.

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