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Let your creativity become a reality.

The perfect home. The ideal location. The unrivaled estate. There are those who settle for an acceptable home in a adequate neighborhood … and those who expect the extraordinary. For those who indulge in rooftop gardens, glass-walled garages, and multi-story walk-in closets, the Dernehl Company is here to build your custom luxury estate in Atlanta.

If you’ve ever wanted a subterranean movie theater right next to an in-home bowling alley, or perhaps a private lounge and spa, you can have it. We take care with every step of our process to satisfy the very limits of your imagination.

Custom Bowling Alley Construction in Atlanta

Custom Home Theater Construction in Atlanta

International Sourcing of Exotic Materials.

Whether your tastes lean toward elaborate chandeliers and Italian marble, or distressed wood furniture and rustic authenticity, we have relationships with suppliers that can source materials from all over the world. We use our buying power to find the best value for our clients on exotic and one-of-a-kind items and raw materials.

Bespoke furniture. Copper fixtures. Hand-cut stone and porcelain tile. Mahogany hardwood floors, volcanic stone countertops, artisanal faucets and rosewood cabinets can all be yours. All you have to do is ask, and our team of designers and craftsmen will do the rest.

Custom Construction Marble Detailing in Atlanta, GA

Custom Stained Glass Windows

Atlanta Luxury Home Builders

Specializing in Smart Home Automation.

With automated systems becoming an ever-present facet of modern life, we enlist a Smart Home Consultant at the very beginning of the project to ensure an integrated, seamless experience for our clients. Real-time security monitoring, voice-activated control systems, energy-efficient appliances, and intelligent climate control make for an elevated quality of life, and we have the expertise to make it all according to your specifications.

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