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It should come as no surprise that we are well regarded in the Atlanta community for our dedication to our commercial customers. As business owners ourselves, we are very aware that in a business setting, customer service and quality have to be the primary considerations.

From family restaurants and office buildings to theaters and jazz clubs, the Dernehl Company brings care, attention to detail and demand for the best materials and the highest standards to each of our projects of commercial construction in Atlanta.

Commercial construction project, Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre banquet hall

Commercial construction project, Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre bar renovation by the Derbehl Company

Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre: Renovated and restored by the Dernehl Company, the Buckhead Theatre is a beloved Atlanta landmark.

On time and on budget.

Your time is valuable, and if your business is “closed for remodeling” — it’s closed. At the Dernehl Company, we understand that every day a business is closed costs more than just a single day’s revenue: the loss in goodwill and future business must be calculated as well.

That’s why when we say that we will complete your build or remodel by a certain date, we mean it. If that means that we need to work a weekend or two to make it happen, we’ll do that, and so will our team of subcontractors.

We also understand that your bottom line is important to you. We won’t skimp on materials or workmanship, but we will do everything we can to accurately predict your costs, and we will keep you informed of new developments every step of the way. We can’t promise that there won’t be complications, but we can promise that we will help you deal with any complications that arise rapidly, conscientiously, and economically.

Atlanta’s Dante’s Down the Hatch restaurant restoration by the Dernehl Company

Atlanta’s Dante’s Down the Hatch restaurant restoration by the Dernehl Company

Restored in record time: When Atlanta’s famous Dante’s Down the Hatch restaurant burned in a terrible accident, the Dernehl Company team worked overtime to restore it to all of its pirate-ship perfection.

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